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Syngonium Indoor Plant


Syngonium is another of the beautiful, but easiest indoor plants for beginners. The Syngonium is also known as Arrow’s Head plant for – you guessed it – its arrow shaped leaves. Syngoniums have a largely upright growth habit, but send off trailing vines that drape beautifully.  It is a very forgiving plant, so if you’re a chronic under-waterer, this is the plant for you. But, with good regular watering and a bright aspect inside, it will flourish with long tendrils.

Syngoniums are known to be great air cleaners, so if air quality is important, this may be the plant for you! Like most indoor plants, they need bright indirect light (but will cope with lower light conditions) and regular water. A good rule of thumb for watering is to let them almost dry out between waters. A diluted fertiliser solution can be applied in Spring and during Summer months.

Your Syngonium plant comes presented as a sweet gift in a natural jute sack. This is a great gift for any indoor plant collector, particularly those just starting out. Please note that there are many different varieties of Syngoniums, and the plant you receive may look slightly different to that in the photograph.
Your gift includes:
Syngonium plant (approx. 15cm)

Jute plant sack
Care instructions
Gift card

Unfortunately as this product contains soil, we are unable to ship to Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia due to soil quarantine laws.

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