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Small Fiddle Leaf Fig


Who doesn’t love a sapling? Especially when it is the baby ‘it’ plant of the decade. The Fiddle Leaf Fig – ficus lyrata – has been enjoying the spotlight as Australia’s favourite indoor plant for quite some time and it shows no signs of being eclipsed!

With nurturing, this little Fiddle Leaf Fig will reach for the ceiling in no time. These babies can grow up to 3 meters in height indoors (in their natural environment they will reach a whopping 15m outdoors!). Good watering habits along with a brightly lit spot will help the Fiddle Leaf thrive, with good growth in the second and third years.

Watering is key to success with the ficus lyrata, cut back watering in Winter and allow the potting soil to dry out somewhat between waters. It is important not to over-water and a diluted fertiliser solution can be applied in Spring and during Summer months. They love a little humidity, so spraying their leaves with water will keep them happy, along with a little clean to keep their leaves free of dust.
So while this youngster will need a little babying, it will make a beautiful indoor tree that you can be proud of!

It comes presented as a sweet gift in a natural jute sack. Perfect for a house warming gift, a gift to welcome a baby or as a thoughtful thank you gift.
Your gift includes:
A small Fiddle Leaf Fig (approx. 15-20cm)

Jute plant sack and ribbon
Care instructions
Gift card.

Unfortunately as this product contains soil, we are unable to ship to Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia due to soil quarantine laws.