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Kokedama Moss Ball Syngonium plant


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Kokedama moss balls originate from Japan where they are hung as string gardens. Crossing the line between art and nature, these moss balls will grow for years with proper care and are a playful alternative to bonsai. Traditional methods of kokedama making are used along with premium materials so that our kokedama moss balls are made to last.

The Syngonium is a beautiful and hardy plant, thriving in indoor conditions. It has a trailing habit, which makes it even more stunning as it grows. Syngonium kokedamas require a brightly lit, sheltered position to thrive.

Our moss balls are created by hand and made to order. The roots of the syngonium are enclosed in spaghnum moss then covered with a specialist soil medium in the shape of a ball. The root ball is then covered in another layer of moss and wound with twine. The twine is left long allowing you to hang your Kokedama moss ball. The syngonium moss ball measures approximately 30cm from its top to the bottom of the moss ball.

All Kokedama moss balls come complete with simple care instructions and a complimentary gift card. Please note, macrame hanger is NOT included with this gift.

As Fleurieu Gifts’ kokedama moss balls are made by hand upon order, please allow up to 2 days for your moss ball to be made before it is shipped.

As this product contains soil it is not able to be shipped to Tasmania, NT or WA due to quarantine restrictions.