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Complete Kokedama Kit

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This Complete Kokedama Kit has everything for the diy enthusiast to make their own kokedama moss ball, complete with a plant! Kokedama, also known as moss balls, originate from Japan as an alternative form of bonsai where they were cheekily known by the Japanese as ‘poor man’s bonsai’. This botanical art form sees a plant’s roots encased in moss, then covered in a special soil mix, which is then covered again in moss to form a moss ball that provides all the goodness a plant needs to thrive. Sometimes known as string gardens, kokedama can often be found hanging around cool cafes in hipster districts and the homes of groovy green thumbs all over Australia.

The Complete Kokedama Kit makes a perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves plants and prefers a good diy to a ready made product.

Each Kit contains sphagnum moss; kokedama soil mix (our own mix of bonsai soil, peat moss, bentonite clay and slow release fertiliser); natural jute twine; one plant (choice of small hardy indoor or a medium succulent); latex gloves and instructions as well as access to our online tutorial. Each kit contains enough dry materials to make either two small sized kokedama (approximately 10cm), or one larger kokedama moss ball. Just one plant is included to get you started, choose below from a small indoor, hardy plant which may include varieties such as syngonium, philodendron and peperomia (chosen from best available stock), or a succulent plant such as jade crassula or kalanchoe (again chosen from best available stock). Instructions also include recommendations for other plant types to try.

Our Basic Kokedama Kit provides just the dry ingredients and instructions without the plant if you prefer to use your own.

Adults will have no problems creating their kokedama, however children under 10 will need a helping hand from a bigger person. Once made, they are a breeze to look after, needing only a soak in water once a week in Summer and every fortnight (or so) in Winter.

Unfortunately, as this product contains soil it cannot be sent to WA, NT or TAS.