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Spray Mister by Haws in Copper, Brass or Nickel

When you’re obsessed with your indoor plants and air plants, you need a piece of hardware that is practical but brings serious style and green-thumb credibility. You need the Haws mist sprayer, available in brass, nickel or copper.

This beautiful, hand-crafted mist sprayer is one that can – no should, be on show at all times. It has a 300ml capacity and press plunger. The ergonomics of the sprayer make it easy to use, even for older hands that can find using a traditional trigger mister difficult. It is perfect for gentle misting of air plants, ferns, terrariums and other indoor plants.

Made by Haws, established in 1886 and believed to be the oldest watering can company in the world, this mist sprayer is hand-crafted in the United Kingdom. Haws is famous world-wide for its outstanding quality and durability. Each watering can and mister is perfectly balanced and designed to make watering both easy and pleasurable.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for your indoor plant enthusiast and air plant lover, look no further. Perfect for older gardeners who find it difficult to use the plastic trigger variety of mister, or you, because you’re serious about plants and also have incredible taste.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.